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14 Years is a Long Time

14 Years is a Long Time
Mimi puts Gil on speaker phone to talk to his kids Jami and Keri for the first time in 14 years.

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Comics are a beautiful thing. I started reading funnies when Superman died. His death changed the comic book industry forever in every way. It was a way to get rich quickly. The black polybag with the bloody "S" on the front containing this significant moment will be worth a lot of money someday. Sadly, it hasn't broken a grand. Yet.

But Superman can't die. Why?

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Comics can do anything.

Comics can bring back the dead. They pay my rent, put food in my belly, and make my life as a writer possible. I have wanted to tell stories with comics ever since I could remember how to remember anything. The medium has spoken to me in ways I can't articulate logically.

Today's strip is Gil Thorp's first interaction with his kids in 14 years. This is a family reunion. Comics make it possible.

But here's when things get interesting.‌

See you in the funny papers,