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Daddy's coming home!

Daddy's coming home!

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Today's strip has been addressing the marital issues that Gil and his wife Mimi are having. I know this is coming from leftfield to the current readers, but I don't think anyone sees these kinds of things coming until it's too late. One day the person you love is pulling further away, and the clues become more apparent. The relationship Gil has had with his wife seems to be like clockwork. Gil has lemonade with his wife. They have a casual conversation. Nothing happens. So, I'm going to break the clock and put up one of those KooKoo Birdhouses that doesn't tell you the time.

This funny is also addresses the fact that the kids have been MIA. I'm bringing them back. I can't wait for you to meet them.

Personal stuff: I got laid off. It was rather public. Even my mailperson knows.

Yeah. It's not something I'm proud of talking about. But I think it was the event that set some things in motion. It's the first time I can say I'm just a writer. I'm a writer applying for unemployment and food stamps, but a writer nonetheless.

But I'm a writer that depends on royalties from your clicks on GoComics and MSN. Obviously, you don't have to do that. You can pirate it off another site, but it helps me and Rod a ton.

Anyway, I hope you're taking care of yourself. Expect an email like this from Monday through Saturday. Paid subscribers will get more emails with cool stuff, so I hope you consider doing that at some point.  

See you in the funnies,