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Is She Leaving Me?

Is She Leaving Me?

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The GoComics comments are a hoot. I love seeing the conversation transition to folks wanting to know what happens and speculating. (I have started a Discord for real Thorp fans to keep in contact. Join the $5 tier to get in on the action.) We work so far ahead that I wish I could answer these questions and spoil them for them.

But where's the fun in that?

I also love it when folks pick up on the art cues like in this week's second panel.

Strip 8/6/2022 by Rod Whigham & Henry Barajas. Gil Thorp Comic © 2022 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

I wanted to articulate how we know Gil without saying it. The decades of leading kids through competitive times. The coaches I spoke with often admitted that coaching comes before their marriage and families. Now Gil has to face his legacy and how it's impacting his relationship with his family. Rod Whigham picked up what I was dropping and nailed the landing.

Comics are a visual medium. If you're lucky, the artist you're collaborating with will know how to carry the message across without your words mudding the waters. Rod and I have spoken on the phone on a couple of occasions, and I'm glad we're both on the same page regarding balloons. I love them. Gil Thorp feels like the perfect place to use them.

I wish we had a Sunday strip. They're bigger and you can do some cool things with the space on the newsprint. Email tcasales@tribpub.com if you think we should start appearing in the Sunday funnies.

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