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Start From The Beginning!

Start From The Beginning!
"COACH OF THE YEAR" by Rod Whigham & Henry Barajas. Gil Thorp Comic © 2022 Tribune Content Agency, LLC


I'm Henry Barajas, and I write Gil Thorp with artist Rod Whigham. I have been reading comics my whole life. I started reading quarter bin comics and Sunday funnies. Now, I'm in the funny papers—and I live to tell the day!

I took over after Neal Rubin on Monday, July 11th. Please click here if you want to start from the beginning of this beautiful journey with me. I hope you subscribe to your local newspaper and read Gil that way. But the next best way is to read it on GoComics where there is a fun (sometimes harsh) community of Gil Thorp fans with their way of communicating. It's unreal and confusing. But I love them.

You must be asking yourself: Why are you doing all this work to get me to read a free comic on the internet?!

I'm using Ghost to help supplement my and Rod's income, create awareness of the comic strip, and celebrate Gil Thorp. It's free to subscribe to and ensure you don't miss a single day. But we are creating subscription tiers that will get you access to behind-the-scenes tea, original art, virtual chats with myself, signed postcards, and maybe even get your mug drawn into the strip! There's a tier for everyone!

Gil Thorp has been around since 1958. He's older than Garfield but not as flexible as Lalo Alcaraz! So, if you're reading for the first time: welcome. I hope you enjoy the story I want to tell because it's about to get fun.