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I love "Strange" by Patsy Cline. Sad music is my favorite genre. Inherently, I'm a sad person. Sad stories, songs, paintings, and experiences feel normal to me. I understand the "makes everyone laugh around him, so no one feels as sad as him" complex.

I was driving around with "Strange" on repeat thinking about the direction I was taking Gil and Mimi's marriage. I wanted to honor my favorite show by paying homage to my favorite scene. I hope Universal Music Group doesn't sue me.

I wanted the juxtaposition of the art and music on Tuesday's strip. But it's also for the readers. Someone pointed out that the strip has "changed like night and day" because it has changed. The Comics Curmudgeon's Josh Fruhlinger gave the last five weeks a great review/recap:

"Seems its new author is transforming Gil Thorp from one of newspaper comics’ few remaining sports strips into a full-blown soaper, and at breakneck speed.

In just five weeks, we’ve seen Gil ambiguously flirt with Barkeep Bethany and mysterious blonde “Ms. Holmes,” and Coach Ms. Coach Thorp disappear with the kids on the one weekend Gil would be in town, explaining (?) that “I need Coach Gil to be more at home sometimes.” Luke Martinez, new coach at Valley Tech, is a thoroughgoing jackass who drunkenly insults Gil in a bar, libels him in a Marty Moon podcast, compulsively brags about his own athletic, coaching, and intellectual prowess, and here humiliates his teenage son (“Haha! Dad! Haha! You asshole!”). His wife Francesca humblebrags about being “just a heart surgeon” and subtly negs Mimi about being a “stay-at-home mom.”

All the ingredients of an explosive melodrama!All the ingredients of an explosive melodrama..."

I have been putting off the last season. But if you haven't already: watch Better Call Saul right now. It stands alone from Breaking Bad, but the shared universe gives it depth.

P.S. Sorry I have been MIA. I had to work with a friend with support at a music festival. I got to see SPARKS perform live! Worth the 27-hour marathon.