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The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days
Rod Whigham & Henry Barajas. Gil Thorp Comic © 2022 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

It's the day after the midterms. Always a trip.

I hope today's edition of Gil Thorp provides that much-needed sugar for that medicine to go down.

I know continuity is a big thing for the existing readers of this strip, but I've got bad news.

(Whoa! Don't worry! All you have to do is subscribe to read the rest of this!)

I made up Martinez's history here. It's completely fabricated.

That's the fun of writing a fictional story. You get to pull things out of thin air. Let me tell you, the air quality in L.A. is not a good.

If it's not obvious by now, I freakin' love Luke Martinez. He's such a character to script. Folks love to hate him.

Alright. I do want to give a shoutout to some paid subscribers: Mopman, Andy, Greg, and Sam! Thanks for paying to keep the lights on.

Alright. See you tomorrow?

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