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Why is today's Gil Thorp is hilarious

Why is today's Gil Thorp is hilarious

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The fans want Gil to golf, so I  give them Gil golfing.

These comics are completed weeks before they hit print. The wait for fans to get to that last panel tested my patience. I hate spoilers, so go ahead and check out today's comic.

I decided to bring the Thorp kids after over a decade of disappearance. Again, I respect my processor's choice not to write the children in the story. But I only adhere to comic book laws, physics, and rules.

There are no rules.

I just brought them back, and Tribune was cool with it. That's how it goes down.

I'm very proud of today's last panel. Big thanks to Rod for sticking the landing.

Here's another morbid joke for you. Start at 9:30.